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Co-Founder & CEO

MBA, Innovation and Hi-Tech Management, Ben-Gurion University

B.Sc, Bio-Technology, Tel Aviv University

Co-Founder & CTO

PhD, Information Systems Engineering, Ben-Gurion University
Medical Decision Support Systems

Co-Founder & VP R&D

M.Sc, Software and Information Systems Engineering, Ben-Gurion University
Medical Decision Support Systems

By combining the abilities of the human mind with the power of AI we can:

  • Shorten planning time considerably

  • Provide planners with more operational alternatives

  • Analyze and mitigate the risk of wrong decisions

  • Improve plan quality

Our Solutions

Augmented Planning

Enhancing Human planners with the power of Artificial Intelligence 

UNIQAI Systems develops artificial-intelligence based software that supports planning, decision-making, and risk analysis.

The company focuses on markets in which making faster and better decision is a critical need, such as defense, homeland security (HLS), healthcare, and first responders.


By combining the capabilities of the human mind with the power of artificial intelligence, UNIQAI aims to shorten planning time, provide planners with more alternatives, analyze and mitigate the risks of incorrect decisions, and increase mission and project success rates.

UNIQAI team combines over 20 years of operational and managerial “hands on” experience, with over 15 years of software development in the AI and Medical decision support domains.




UNIQAI Systems provides artificial intelligence based planning and decision making solutions, enabling faster and improved planning, which increase mission success rates, and save time & money.


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